CellBlock FCS Works With Partners to Ease Battery Logistics

What does your company’s battery disposal process look like? CellSafe Drums remain one of the most approachable solutions for the safe handling of large quantities of batteries, including lithium-ion. CellBlock FCS’s regulatory permitting provides transportation latitudes that are second to none. Relationships with strategic partners has been key to offering best-practice procedures for battery processing.

April 2023 marked the one-year anniversary of Call2Recycle’s OneDrum™ mixed battery recycling solution. This bundled service makes use of CellSafe Drums to safely facilitate shipping and recycling of batteries of mixed chemistries. Under CellBlock FCS’s DOT Special Permit 20549, this turnkey solution allows you to place and transport large volumes of consumer single-use and rechargeable batteries in one drum without sorting by chemistry and without individually bagging or taping the battery terminals.

CellSafe drums make use of CellBlockEX®, an innovative fire extinguishing agent made from recycled glass, to provide terminal protection. Mixed consumer batteries and cells shipped in OneDrum are protected and cushioned against short circuits, mitigating the risk of thermal events while still fully satisfying regulatory requirements for transporting mixed batteries.

The resulting benefits from this collaborative program are noteworthy. This US DOT compliant solutions ships under a Special Permit which fully satisfies the stringent requirements for transporting mixed batteries, eliminating the need for 49 CFR training, special paperwork, or labeling. Participants in the OneDrum program reported a 50% to 70% time savings compared to their current battery handling process and were able to reduce their storage footprint by merging all battery types into one container. 

As stewards of the environment, Call2Recycle’s solution would not be complete without a clear end-of-life plan. Each OneDrum includes packaging, labels, instructions, logistics, recycling, tracking, and reporting of consumer batteries.

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To learn more about this innovative all-in-one battery recycling solution and how it can help reduce your battery preparation time, while complying with all safety requirements, please contact Call2Recycle.

Read more customer reviews of OneDrum™ on the Call2Recycle website.

The one drum kit

Batteries, batteries as far as the eye can see! As a small facility with limited space and staff, this is often how we felt when it came to our battery recycling program. Having worked with Call2Recycle for management of our Damaged, Defective and Recalled batteries, we knew their industry experience and ability to provide safe and valuable offerings. Once we learned about OneDrum, we quickly adopted the streamlined solution and realized immediate efficiency gains.”

Anthony Schaffer
Lead Equipment Operator
City of Loveland

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