A to Z Logistics

CellBlock FCS partners with the world’s foremost battery recyclers to offer full service logistics for return or recycling programs for manufacturers, retailers, and municipalities. With a commitment to the environment, CellBlock engages organizations to manage battery compliance, collection, and recycling efforts.  These partnerships offer numerous years of cumulative experience and boast several million pounds of batteries recycled in the U.S. alone. 

Does your company require a full-service product return or recycling program? Optional recycling services and A to Z logistics are available from Call2Recycle, CellBlock FCS’s exclusive North America distributor. With a dedication to environmental excellence, Call2Recycle is the premier consumer battery stewardship and recycling program in the U.S.  Since its founding in 1994, thousands of partners, including manufacturers, retailers, and municipalities have trusted Call2Recycle to manage their battery compliance, collection, and recycling efforts. After 26 years and more than 130 million pounds of batteries recycled in the U.S., Call2Recycle continues as a leading turnkey, end-of-life battery recycling program with more than 16,000 public drop-off sites across the nation.

In 2020, Call2Recycle was recognized with an industry technology award for its implementation of CellSafe Battery Kits in safely recycling batteries, saving money, and preventing 1500 pounds of waste disposal. Read the article here.

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