Multinational Computer Technology Company Uses Innovative CellSafe Battery Envelope Kit to Deliver a Greener and Safer Product Return Experience

The Challenge

With a growing focus on consumer-centric products and safe warranty returns, a multinational computer technology company turned to Call2Recycle to help identify a turnkey solution for its products and Lithium Ion batteries. Keeping safety top-of-mind, the company sought a cost-effective customer return solution that offered protection from thermal runaways in storage or in transit to its designated facilities. Previous market solutions were all single-use, leading Call2Recycle and CellBlock FCS to envision a U.S. DOT-approved, reusable kit that could lower costs, reduce packaging waste, and elevate the customer experience.

The Solution

After exploring options and receiving feedback from several manufacturers on the financial implication of creating such a solution, Call2Recycle worked with CellBlock FCS to develop The CellSafe Battery Envelope Kit. Ideal for returning flat consumer electronics and other battery-powered portable devices, the kit offers protection with a recyclable outer fiberboard and a reusable inner envelope.

Product Attributes

Rated for a battery-powered device or single Li-Ion battery up to 185-Watt Hours, CellBlock’s CellSafe Battery Envelope Kit, offered by Call2Recycle in two standard sizes (with custom sizing available), features suppression technology to contain thermal events should they occur. The reusable inner envelope is made of a fire-resistant material and sealed with commercial grade velcro. Flexible shipping options and order tracking with Call2Recycle’s API integration services make the battery return process –especially for damaged, defective, or recalled (DDR) batteries – green and safe.

The Results

Following use and reuse of The CellSafe Battery Envelope Kit for three months, the company achieved the following results:

  • Safe Recycling Nearly 30,000 kits fulfilled and defective batteries safely returned for recycling
  • Cost Savings: approximately $300,000 saved by reusing the inner envelopes
  • Waste Reduction: avoided waste disposal of ~1,500 pounds (in non-reusable envelopes)

Learn More

To learn more about how this unique return solution can help your customers compliantly and safely return products and batteries, while saving tour organization money, please contact Call2Recycle.

About Call2Recycle

With a commitment to environmental excellence, Call2Recycle, is the premier consumer battery stewardship and recycling program in the U.S.  Since its founding in 1994, thousands of partners, including manufacturers, retailers, and municipalities, have trusted Call2Recycle to manage their battery compliance, collection, and recycling efforts.  After 26 years and more than 130 million pounds of batteries recycled in the U.S., Call2Recycle continues as a leading turnkey, end-of-life battery recycling program with more than 16,000 public drop-off sites across the nation.

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