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Frequently Asked Questions

The CellSafe textile envelope may be reused 6x or more during a typical product take-back program. Only the outer packaging needs to be repurchased after the initial outlay for kits.

There are no minimum order requirements for standard sized kits. Custom kits require a 1,000 unit minimum order.

Available in four standard sizes of reusable textile envelope:

  • 12” x 8.3” – fits typical tablets
  • 7″ x 15″ – fits typical removable laptop battery
  • 15” x 11.5” – fits typical laptop
  • 16.8” x 12” – fits larger laptops

CellBlock FCS also offers rapid development for custom sizes, with deployment within 60 days of contract. A low minimum order of 1,000 kits makes this option very approachable.

In short, the answer is “No”. Dangerous goods certification is not required to implement these kits. In fact, the CellSafe Envelope and Box Kits are intended for consumer use and have easy-to-follow instructions.

Use of the high watt hour packaging does require completion of a brief e-learning course and independent certification. This is provided on this website and takes very little time to  accomplish.

Yes. CellSafe’s products have two special permits that boast the most impressive and useful latitude in the industry:

DOT SP 20549
This special permit covers drums, pails, and cases with the ability to ship up to 300 Wh.

DOT SP 21442
This special permit covers the CellSafe Max drums and pails and offers shipping capabilities up to 1800 Wh .

DOT SP 20910
This special permit covers the CellSafe Envelope Kit, which makes use of CellBlock’s proprietary textile.

View more special permit details here.

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