CellSafe Special Permits

CellSafe packaging was engineered to provide safe transportation of lithium-ion batteries and cells (EV batteries, tool or device batteries, batteries or cells destined for recycling) and products that containing lithium-ion batteries (cellphones, tablets, and laptops). As such, these highly effective lithium-ion battery shipping solutions are UN certified and have earned special permits from the U.S. Department form Transportation. CellSafe’s special permits boast the most impressive and useful latitude in the industry due to the strength of the testing data. There are two distinct special permits:

DOT SP 20549
This special permit covers the drums, pails, cases, and the CellSafe Box Kit. These products offer active fire suppression with CellBlockEX Technology. Features of permit include:

  • NO inner packaging or terminal protection when instruction requirements are followed.
  • Co-mingling of DDR (damaged, defective, recycled) and non-DDR lithium-ion batteries.
  • Ship up to 132 pounds (60 kg) of damaged/defective batteries.
  • Ship unlimited quantities of non DDR batteries.

DOT SP 20910
This special permit covers the CellSafe Envelope Kit, which makes use of CellBlock’s proprietary textile, which has been rated for temperatures in excess of 2000 ℉ (1093 ℃).

  • Ship up to 185Wh damaged/defective batteries.
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