CellSafe Pails

Battery and Device Disposal and Recycling

Ship with Confidence.

CellSafe Battery Pail Kits are a safe solution for the collection, storage and shipping of lithium-ion batteries. Using CellBlockEX technology, they provide green, reliable protection from thermal runaways. Kits are a DOT special permit qualified answer for DRR services and battery recycling programs.

  • Special Permit Authorized.
  • The safest bulk transport solution for shipping damaged and spent batteries.

Cost Effective Packaging

  • Ship up to 5kg damaged/defective in CellSafe pails, or use CellBlock Drums to ship up to 60kg!
  • NO inner packaging or terminal protection when instruction requirements are followed.
  • Co-mingle DDR and non-DDR lithium-ion batteries.
  • CellBlockEX may be recovered and reused or recycled.

Fire Suppression Powered by CellBlockEx

CellBlockEX is a proven dry fire-suppressant capable of halting thermal propagationin devices, batteries, or cells. It’s what makes our battery shipping boxes and kits safe, reliable, and effective.

  • Made from 100% recycled glass.
  • Lightweight and absorbent.
  • Free from crystalline silicate and asbestos.
  • Sustainable.
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