Safer Shipping
of Li-Ion Batteries

Easy-to-use kits for battery recalls and recycling using CellBlock FCS’s award winning technology.

Full Logistics

A to Z Battery Handling

Special Permitted

Solutions that Work

Cost Effective

Reusable Components

Green Solution

Sustainable Materials

CellSafe HWH Kit

Special Permit Kit allowing shipping of batteries up to 1800 watt hours.

CellSafe Envelope Kit

Special Permit Kit for devices and batteries. Ideal for recalls.

CellSafe Box Kit

Active fire suppression in an easy to implement box kit.

Learn, Certify, Ship, Succeed.

CellSafe Training is Free.

We won't use any other product. CellSafe's options are just too good and we've saved a significant amount of money on our recall program.
Karen S.

How Are Companies Using CellSafe Battery Kits?

Contact us to learn more about how other companies are using CellSafe to ship batteries and devices throughout the United States.

A solution that has proven to provide a superior level of safety, while also supporting our mission of using sustainable or recycled products. A true win-win.
Mark D.
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