About CellBlock FCS and the CellSafe Solution

CellBlock FCS introduced itself to the market in response to growing safety risks associated with lithium-ion batteries and the rapidly increasing demand and consumption of energy storage. The major components of our fire containment product line is CellBlockEX, an engineered dry loose-fill packaging filler, and CellBlock FCS’s proprietary textiles high heat textiles which are rated for intense temperatures in excess of 2000 ℉ (1093 ℃). The CellBlock FCS brand is trusted worldwide by airline crews, mining operations, battery recyclers, technology leaders, transportation professionals, and more.

The CellSafe product line includes UN packaging, and DOT SP packaging. These products boast superior safety, sustainability, and cost efficiency. Our team of safety consultants and experts provide premier customer service and product support.

If your company is looking for a sustainable, cost-saving approach to battery and device returns, please reach out today to schedule a call with a product specialist about your needs. They can design a program to optimize cost savings for your program.

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