CellSafe Packaging – The Green Solution

CellSafe is working to reduce its environmental impact by offering green solutions that are sustainable and reusable. Each component is manufactured with best-practice methods in mind.

CellBlockEX is the environmentally-friendly, mineral-based extinguishing agent used for fire fighting and prevention of problematic fires including metal, lithium-ion battery cells, and combustible liquids. The small lightweight spheres of CellBlockEX are composed of non-crystalline glass granulates repurposed from recycled glass with tiny pores on the inside. The engineered formulation of grain sizes produces optimal fire suppression results and since the granulate is 100% mineral based, it’s safe for you and the environment.

CellSafe Envelope Kit
This is green and reusable packaging as part of your supply chain. The textile envelope may be reused several times throughout a volume recall. Only the recyclable outer box will need to be replaced.

CellSafe Box Kit
The innovative pillow-pack in this battery shipping kit may be reused multiple times before replacement is needed. Only the recyclable outer box will need to be replaced. Fire suppression is provided by CellBlockEX, a 100% post-consumer recycled product.

Drums and Pails
These products provide green, reliable protection from thermal runaways. The DOT Special Permit allows the highest volume of batteries and cells to be shipped in a single container, thus reducing shipping impact. Compliancy requires the use of CellBlockEX, which may be recovered and reused or recycled.

Battery Recycling for a Better Planet

CellBlock FCS, the manufacturer of the CellSafe packaging product line, has partnered with Call2Recycle, one of the largest battery manufacturer’s in North America. Their common goal is to prevent batteries and cells from ending up in landfills and to recycle batteries in a responsible and forward-thinking manner. Join the companies committed to environmentally-sound recycling of batteries. Visit call2recycle.org for more information about their industry steward programs.

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